A major global presence

SOCAMEL has more than 15,000 customer references worldwide

From retirement homes to major hospitals, including schools and prisons, the range of SOCAMEL products can adapt to a wide variety of customers.

Scarborough Hospital in Scarborough (UK)

A customer for over 20 years, Scarborough Hospital opted in 2021 for a fleet with the latest Multiserv Senior model. This equipment is used daily to serve the hospital’s 352 patients at lunchtime and in the evening.

Sagrat Cor Hospital in Barcelona (SPAIN) – new kitchen, new equipment

During 2022, we had the pleasure of supplying the Sagrat Cor hospital, which specialises in mental health and socio-health care. Continuing the work to renew their kitchen, which previously operated with isothermal trays, the establishment is now equipped with 20 Doubleflow, 21 Ergoserv, 22 Servizio and 4 Husky.

University Hospital Rostock (Germany) – delivery and installation of 70 Doubleflow docking stations and 210 Ergoserv trolleys

At the beginning of 2022, the hospital in Rostock acquired a new logistics system for the distribution of meals on trays. Whereas previously 180 cold and 110 hot trolleys were needed for this service, 210 shuttles and 70 docking stations are now responsible for reheating the meals. A great installation for Socamel!

Health facilities Vivantes (GERMANY) – delivery and installation of 80 Multiserv

At the start of 2021, Socamel delivered and installed 80 Multiservs to 16 of the 21 Vivantes retirement homes in Berlin. The renewal of a long-standing collaboration: more than 1000 Ergoserv, 300 Double Flow and 18 Multiserv have already been in use in their healthcare establishments.

Regiomed Clinics (GERMANY) – improved multi-site meal distribution logistics

In 2020, Socamel had the honor of participating in the project to restructure and centralize the kitchens of several Regiomed clinics in Germany. To do this, 220 Ergoserv shuttles, 80 Doubleflow terminals 17 Multiserv trolleys were delivered and installed. New logistics that allow these establishments to distribute meals more quickly while improving the daily lives of staff.

Strasbourg University Hospitals (FRANCE) – Doubleflow Ergoserv CO2 solutions

Suhl Central Hospital (GERMANY) – massive deployment of Compactserv

Neubourg Hospital (FRANCE) – Doubleflow Ergoserv with outsourced cold pack

Feldkirch State Hospital (AUSTRIA) – Doubleflow Ergoserv and AGV system

Core Benefits of HEATFLOW/TRAYSERV in Asia

In Asian hospitals “Cook-Chill “meals are relatively new simply because there are more hot components on the meal tray and Asians prefer hot food when they are hospitalized.

This is true of Malaysian hospitals located in less cosmopolitan outside of Kuala Lumpur, where all 3 meals are served hot, breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

The hot side is usually very congested while the cold side is rather empty for the dessert and cutlery and napkin.

The main advantage of the HEATFLOW / TRAYSERV is that there is no middle wall giving the hospital the flexibility to use different crockeries without the restriction of space on the tray for the hot components. The pricing of the HEATFLOW/TRAYSERV is also more economical compared to the DOUBLEFLOW/ERGOSERV.

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