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Confident in our values

As a family company, we take a human approach as well as a keen interest in our people and their development. Our employees are part of strong, motivated and committed teams, always prepared to work hard and meet our customers’ needs.

When hiring, we look to invest in our employees in the long term, and offer a highly dynamic training approach, intended to let everyone confidently progress and fulfil their potential.

Passionate teams, exciting jobs

Whether it’s in our offices or on-site with our customers, a whole host of diverse and exciting roles are fulfilled by women and men committed to what they do. Young talent and experienced professionals alike, they all share a passion for a job well done, new projects and shared experiences.

Socamel’s working environment

Our main concern when it comes to our employees is to afford them a pleasant and comfortable working environment, but above all a safe one.

We have turned our strong business culture and well-established values into an asset. We are future-looking and pursue growth, whist seeking to offer an extended range of high-performing products adapted to the needs of our customers. The flexibility of our production tool and ability to adapt are both major hallmarks of our organisation. We support our employees in their daily work, complement their commitment with training, and ensure quality social relations.

Franck Saponara
Industrial Manager

Our values are based on ethics, employee well-being and caring management.
On a day-to-day basis, this translates into a team spirit and solidarity that serve performance and openness to progress.
We take care of our employees from the moment they join the company, supporting them as they discover the business and throughout their working lives.
As part of our commitment to local economic development, we are involved in the community of Renage and encourage local recruitment.

Carine Latil
HR manager

Our vacancies

Responsable Qualité Certification Produits & Sécurité
38140, Renage
Online : 15/02/2024
Alternant(e) Assistance Technique H/F
38140, Renage
Online : 07/03/2024
Alternant(e) Assistant(e) Comptable H/F
38140, Renage
Online : 07/03/2024
Alternant(e) Acheteur Industriel H/F
38140, Renage
Online : 22/03/2024
Alternant(e) en Informatique H/F
38140, Renage
Online : 10/04/2024
Alternant(e) Assistant(e) commercial Export H/F
38140, Renage
Online : 10/04/2024

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To fulfil our mandate, we are always on the lookout for new profiles who are keen to bring their energy and know-how to a project with meaning. Join us!

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