Our Missions

Facilitating the distribution of meals in communities, particularly those dedicated to health, is at the heart of SOCAMEL business.

From this vocation, SOCAMEL has set itself three main missions:

Innovating by introducing progressive technologies

Innovating in service

Bringing serenity

We are the leader in our market !

For more than 70 years, SOCAMEL has been offering the best meal distribution solutions for communities in France and around the world. With products designed and manufactured in France, we are today the leader in our business.

We have a strong European presence with 3 subsidiaries in Germany, England and Spain in addition to the head office which is based in France.

Present in more than 50 countries, we deliver more than 3 million meals every day thanks to the 60,000 solutions in daily operation around the world. This presence is ensured via a network of partners trained in our solutions.