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Elderly Care

The meal distribution solutions that Socamel Technologies have developed for Elderly care are intended to improve living conditions through optimal meal service.

Our services

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  • Installation HACCP

Installation HACCP

This questionnaire is essential to prepare the installation of the SOCAMEL traceability software iServ Vision. It must be filled out by competent IT. Personel when the trolleys are ordered and returned to Socamel. If the questionnaire is not returned, SOCAMEL will not be able to plan an intervention for commissioning the system. If prerequisites critical to the installation are not met, a new intervention will be invoiced by SOCAMEL.

1. Our traceability offer

Dedicated to kitchens, i-Serv Vision is a practical and user-friendly tool to ensure compliance with HACCP standards. It enables the user to view alerts, enables programming and the traceability of meal distribution trolleys.

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SOCAMEL offers an iServ Vision pack as standard including all the hardware and the PC containing the traceability software. The software may be installed on the customer’s server, only for installations in Real Time mode and on specific request.

2. Installation procedure

The traceability software is installed on the last day of the commissioning of SOCAMEL trolleys. If our system must be connected to the network, a SOCAMEL employee will carry out this service in collaboration with a person from the establishment's IT department. On completion of the commissioning, training is provided to those likely to use the product. This training will also help to validate the proper operation of the application. 

3. Technical overview

Software architecture

i-Serv Vision software includes several independent components:

  • A Tomcat 5.5 web server with MySQL 5 database.
  • An administration client for configuring the system.
  • One or more trolley Operating clients for using the system.
  • One or more modules called BT Services for trolley/server data exchange (for Ergoserv, Double Flow and CompactServ trolleys). This BT service is associated with another component, BT Agent, if it is a multi-station installation.
  • One or more MC Agent modules for data transfer to a smart card reader (for Multiserv trolleys).

Hardware components

  • Transfer box: It is used to collect data from Compactserv/Ergoserv trolleys and feeds to the remote computer. It is connected to the network on RS485. To facilitate connection with the PCs, i-Serv Vision uses a RS485/Ethernet converter with an IP address. RS485 protocol enables to cover large distances (up to 1 km in good conditions). It can use the standard twisted-pair wiring systems in buildings.
  • Smart card reader: For Multiserv trolleys, there is a smart card reader connected to an USB port on the PC.
  • Real Time: For Real Time connection, the trolleys are connected directly to the network via Wifi or Ethernet.


Exemple de configuration monoposte avec une boîte de transfert fixe ou mobile


Exemple de configuration Multipostes

In this configuration, the i-Serv Vision components are distributed on various PCs connected with each other by LAN or WAN network (intranet/Internet). In the case of an installation using Internet, and for security reasons, it is recommended to install the web server in a demilitarized zone (DMZ), i.e. a private part of the network protected from the public part by a firewall. We should be careful about the configuration of the different firewalls to allow operating clients, BT services and MC Agents to access the web server. The system is capable of managing up to 25 transfer boxes and several card readers. There can be several operating stations. On the other hand, there is only one database server. It is possible to connect several transfer boxes to a RS485/Ethernet converter.

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