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Controlled meal distribution at every stage: this is what Socamel Technologies can offer hospitals. Its high-performance equipment lets you continually improve users working conditions for the greater good of patients.

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Pulsed air: standard in quality kitchens

Socamel Technologies has opted from the very first day for pulsed air technology, or thermoconvection as it is otherwise known, which is widely known and used in cooking techniques:

  • the best refrigerators operate with ventilated cooling;
  • ovens have rapidly developed towards fan-assisted heat rather than static heat.

Pulsed air has always had the advantage of ensuring even temperature distribution.

Pulsed air: recognised benefits

A reliable technical design

  • With 2 or 3 fans and the same number of elements, the complexity and risk of malfunctions are minimal.
  • The trolley can be used to serve meals even if an element malfunctions and requires intervention at the end of service.
  • Average consumption is 2 to 3 kWh per 40-minute cycle (hot and cold) – depending on the real rethermalization load.
  • With full power immediately available, the set temperature is reached in a few minutes, which is highly advantageous for Hot Line where boost time is 15 minutes.

Maintenance-friendly ergonomics

  • Once the racks are removed, the compartment is free of any technical parts. This makes it easier to clean the inside of the compartments.
  • The location of the electrical parts is easily accessible, which makes it easier to clean.

Taste and smell qualities preserved

  • Fried, toasted and gratinated products look better. Crispiness and crunchiness can be preserved by not covering the container.
  • The number of recipes you can follow is virtually limitless.
  • Water does not condense as it is kept warm by the ambient pulsed air.

Compatible with all dishware

  • Pulsed air use is compatible with all dishware types, including disposable, glass or shallow-bottom dishware.

SOCAMEL TECHNOLOGIES - BP 7 - 38148 RIVES Cedex - FRANCE - Tél : +33 (0)4 76 91 21 21 - Fax : +33 (0)4 76 91 21 31 - E-mail : socamel@socamel.comSocamel est une société du Groupe Guillin