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Elderly Care

The meal distribution solutions that Socamel Technologies have developed for Elderly care are intended to improve living conditions through optimal meal service.

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Socamel, active member of SYNEG, representative of french manufacturers for professionnal kitchens


To represent french manufacturers in all areas of catering equipement. SYNEG includes the quasi totality of french constructors and subsidiaries of european constructors in all areas of professionnnal catering.

SYNEG operate:

• at european level, as an active member of EFCEM (European Federation of catering Equipment Manufacturers) 

• at french level, as member of FIM (French Fédération of Mechanical Industries)

For theses reasons, SYNEG is the natural correspondant of the Authorities, as well as organization specialized in normalisation and certification, the collectivies and the associations representing catering business.

To defend all the interests of these constructors

• SYNEG is a meeting place between the catering equipement manufacters. SYNEG gives them the opportunity to discuss their main preocupation.

• SYNEG is an communication place for the association dealing with catering business (engineering, restauration installators, hotel industry, collective and commercial restauration …). Thanks to its meetings allowing large exchange of views, SYNEG insists upon rights for its own constructors at european and french levels.

To promote catering equipment profession

SYNEG acts to improve regulations concerning catering busines. Its follow laws and directives which are elabored at european and local level, in various subjects like conception and execution of europeans decisions (hygiene, machines, electricity, gaz, electromagnetic compativity, refrigeration, ventilation, …), normalisation, certification, tenders, waste treatement, exports promotion, … ).In this way, SYNEG maintains relationship with the Autorities concerned.

SYNEG also, informs about its positions by editing various document :

• some them are intented for his own members ;

• some others are intented for a large public (like "Guide à l'usage du Maître d'Ouvrage") or for professionnal activities (like technical notices and recommandations).

To put forward the catering business

To improve the credibility of the catering manufacturers, SYNEG supports initiatives improvingquality and professionalism. SYNEG takes part in executive boards of organizations like GAMAC, QUALIFIREST, QUALICUISINES.

SYNEG is in touch with all the professional catering organizations travaille avec les partenaires syndicaux de la filière (SNEFCCA, SYNCOSYR, SYNAIRH).

SYNEG takes part in the promotion of the international fair EQUIP’HOTEL, a Paris Nord Villepinte event, every other year.

SYNEG communicates through the WEB, to inform about french supply of catering equipement.


In the process of reduction of environmental impact, professionals of catering equipment have initiated a label “VALO RESTO PRO”.

Followed by the SYNEG, this approach is born together with the eco-company EGOLOGIC to confirm the commitment of the manufacturers to manage the end of life in a full respect of environment and the applicable law (collection, depollution, recycling).

In an operational point of view, ECOLOGIC has been mandated to sign with every SYNEG member, a chart to manage, collect and recycle all Waste Electronic and Electrical Equipment (WEEE) and so they can use the VALO REST PRO label with their customers.

As manufacturer, SOCAMEL Technologies is an active member of the VALO RESTO PRO label and is fully committed to valorize collection and recycling of the WEEE.
The company's results were recognised when we won the VALO RESTO PRO 2016 Trophy at the EQUP'HOTEL 2016 trade fair

For more information on this initiative: www.ecologic-france.com

SOCAMEL TECHNOLOGIES - BP 7 - 38148 RIVES Cedex - FRANCE - Tél : +33 (0)4 76 91 21 21 - Fax : +33 (0)4 76 91 21 31 - E-mail : socamel@socamel.comSocamel est une société du Groupe Guillin