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Elderly Care

The meal distribution solutions that Socamel Technologies have developed for Elderly care are intended to improve living conditions through optimal meal service.

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70 years of innovation

Emile Beizermann founded Socamel, Société de Construction d’Armoires Mécaniques et Electriques, in 1946. With three members of staff, the family business was set up in Renage (Isère), close to the railway station.

Socamel first specialised in manufacturing warming trolleys for the bulk distribution of meals in hospitals. Its groundbreaking spirit enabled Socamel Technologies to be behind many innovations that have left an indelible mark on institutions chiefly the concept of “cook chill”.

Today, Socamel Technologies is a leader in institutional catering logistics in the healthcare, educational and prison sectors.

Keeping ahead of the game

At every stage, Socamel Technologies has broken new ground to provide optimal customer service and increased patient comfort. Summary of the major stages…

The 1960s

Introduction of personalised meal trays for hospital catering.
Creation of the first assembly and preparation lines.

1965 - Launch of Rescal, the first meal trolley to use thermoconvection technology.

The 1970s

New production technique: “Cook Chill” or “Deferred Catering”.

1969 - Development of the fast chilling by cryogenics unit, in partnership with Air Liquide.

1970 - Socamel Technologies launches cook chill and the first mixed distribution trolleys with built-in thermoconvection rethermalization. 

1973 - First Central Production Unit operating with cook chill process

1974 - Launch of the Therminal oven, the first rethermalization oven.

1974 - Rescaset, a company specialising in the manufacture of disposable packaging (dishware, consumables), set up.

The 1980s

New concepts developed for hospital and school catering and all forms of institutional catering (companies, armed forces, etc.).

1982 - First meal trolleys with an onboard fan and cooling system launched.

1984 - First Rescatronic trolleys for meal tray distribution in hospitals sold.

The 1990s

Three major innovations patented: Double Flow / Ergoserv, Cook-In-Pack, Rotofour).
International development starts.

1990 - Invention of dissociated technology, included in the flagship product Double Flow / Ergoserv.

1990 - Launch of the single tray.

1990 - Socamel Technologies purchased by Apax Partners.

1994 - Socamel Technologies introduced on the second Lyon stock exchange market.

1997 - Conquest of the American market begins with the opening of the Socamel America subsidiary.

The 2000s

A new generation of trolleys has enabled Socamel Technologies to retain its place as market leader: Compact’Clim Plus and Double Flow Plus.

2000 - Socamel Technologies continues to grow on the American market.

2000 - First cart washers for meal trolleys launched in healthcare.

2001 - Socamel Technologies joins the Guillin Group.

2004 - Launch of the new Ergomix concept to rethermalize multi-portion containers and trays simultaneously.

2006 - Servizio breakfast trolley launched.

2007 - Purchase of the Colston Company’s institutional catering multi-portion trolleys business in the UK and founding of the subsidiary Socamel United Kingdom Ltd.

2008 - Launch of the 3rd generation of the dissociated Double Flow / Ergoserv concept with the i-Serv Technology traceability system fitted as standard.

2008 - Launch of Multiserv, a new trolley for meal distribution in dining rooms.

2009 - Launch of Servitherm, a new thermally insulated trolley.

The 2010s

2010 - Socamel Technologies’ Charter of Commitments created - a new sign of its commitment to clients, applied by optimising its audit, demonstration, training and after-sales services.

2011 - Launching of Servizio Brunch (a new trolley especially made for meal distribution in room or dinning room), Ergoserv Optimum (brand new Ergoserv Junior shuttle with a distribution capacity up to 36 meals on trays optimum sized) and i-Serv traceability system Version 2.

2012 - Launching of Roomserv (new trolley designed for the distribution of meal trays in Cook&Serv), Compactserv 2 (new trolley with on board technology used to rethermalize individual meal trays, ideally for Cook&Chill and Cook&Freeze), Servizio Café (breakfast trolley with hot drink automatic distributor), antibacterial trays and a new range of Services.

2013 - Launching of Coolserv (rethermalization trolley with remote technology and CO² cooling technology, ideal for Cook&Chill and long logistics), Restocar Junior (trolley with technology on board for prisons catering), Ergoserv Junior (distribution capacity up to 30 or 36 trays GN1/1) and of the version 4 of the unique concept Double Flow / Ergoserv with remote technology.

2014 - New Olympus china tableware set available. Market release of the Ergoserv V4 shuttle  4-door option.

2015 - Development of the Compactserv Mini Plates solution for serving hot dishes.

2016 - Manufacture of the Compactserv with Insert. Launch of the Ergochef: a unique market solution for multiportion distribution. And launch of the new Multiserv V3, more modern and ergonomic than ever.


SOCAMEL TECHNOLOGIES - BP 7 - 38148 RIVES Cedex - FRANCE - Tél : +33 (0)4 76 91 21 21 - Fax : +33 (0)4 76 91 21 31 - E-mail : socamel@socamel.comSocamel est une société du Groupe Guillin