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School canteens

Variety and a balanced diet are essential to young people. Socamel Technologies’ trolleys and ovens enable school canteens to give free reign to their culinary creativity whilst fully respecting food safety standards.

Our Company

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Our missions

Aiding the distribution of meals in institutional and hospital catering, especially those dedicated to healthcare, has been at the heart of Socamel Technologies’ work for more than 70 years. 

With this calling in mind, Socamel Technologies has set itself three major targets.

  • Innovating by introducing cutting-edge technology (cook chill distribution, docking-station, meal tray trolleys, traceability, manageability, etc.) enables us to constantly improve working conditions for users of our products for the greater satisfaction of the patient.
  • Innovating in services comes as second nature to all its teams: selling several thousand trolleys every year on the five continents allows them to ensure that when you are making a crucial equipment choice, you choose not only a quality product, but also a future contact point and partner for each person involved in meal distribution. Needs to be reliable at all stages, checking the situation from prior analysis of your requirements through to maintenance of the equipment supplied.
  • Bringing clients extra peace of mind in the long term.

Our values

Putting clients at the heart of our work

Socamel Technologies’ Executive Management has instituted a policy of “Dynamic Quality” since 2007, which grows stronger every day and is enacted at every level of the company.

This Quality policy places clients at the heart of the company’s work and the commitments that its teams have jointly pledged to respect are enshrined in its Charter of Commitments. 

Clear objectives

Socamel Technologies’ Charter of Commitments binds the company in four ways to:

  1. Guarantee an optimal, safe and long-lasting choice.
  2. Guarantee performance of its products and solutions.
  3. Ongoing fleet monitoring.
  4. An environmentally-responsible approach.

Resources that are up to the job

Like any other Quality approach, we clearly state what we are going to do and we really do what we say. This is because we have developed resources that match up to our commitments.

People, our wealth

Socamel Technologies believes in the value of staff development. Clear, transparent relationships at all levels encourage people to take responsibility and to progress. Allocating the right resources for the objectives teams has been set as a priority.

The organisation and planning of human resources therefore play a key role in respecting the Dynamic Quality commitments:

  • decentralised responsibilities for each job are based on identified and measurable progress targets; 
  • The Quality Department coordinates our ongoing improvement approach and encourages other company posts to make an active contribution;
  • the Training plan takes into account the specific needs for improving quality and optimising skills;
  • the communication development programme aims to keep all internal and external players informed and motivated.

Thoroughness, our mindset

  • the customer feedback process is structured to enable us to constantly keep an eye on how needs and expectations evolve;
  • the Product Development Plan mirrors a sustained innovation policy (covering both technology and services) and ensures that our extensive range is renewed in sync with client expectations;
  • the Elite Plan ensures the company’s “High Level” image and mindset are constantly improved through the use of best practices as regards the tidiness, cleanliness and usage of functional equipment, suited for every need.

Socamel Technologies is ISO 9001, 2008 version-certified and is currently applying for the 2015 version certification

“Socamel Technologies' Quality Policy involves the whole company with a view to fostering continued improvements. I have been personally committed to ensuring we meet the new 2015 version of ISO 9001, whose broader scope involves all stakeholders linked to our work.

Whilst I have appointed a Quality Leader to oversee and coordinate progress in this area, I remain focused on ensuring the active and daily involvement of all employees. Only if each and every one of them shows professionalism, experience, competence and innovation will we succeed in our mission: to satisfy your needs.”

Managing Director

SOCAMEL TECHNOLOGIES - BP 7 - 38148 RIVES Cedex - FRANCE - Tél : +33 (0)4 76 91 21 21 - Fax : +33 (0)4 76 91 21 31 - E-mail : socamel@socamel.comSocamel est une société du Groupe Guillin