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Elderly Care

The meal distribution solutions that Socamel Technologies have developed for Elderly care are intended to improve living conditions through optimal meal service.

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Distribution of meal trays
Distribution of multi-portion meals
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Multiserv Small Unit - Distribution of multi-portion meals



Multiserv Small Unit is a specific version of Multiserv, the trolley designed for meal distribution in dining rooms in hospitals and retirement homes.
This version has been developed to meet the specific needs of small units and services where residents require more specific attention (for example patients with Alzheimer’s).

Quality and safety

Multiserv Small Unit enables 15 to 20 meals to be distributed in hot line, cook-chill or cook-freeze, whilst respecting taste and smell qualities and regulatory constraints.



Its control system aids and ensures the HACCP approach is complied with.


Compact and light

Particularly compact, light and manageable, Multiserv Small Unit allows for friendly service in dining rooms.


Easy to use

Its ergonomic and intuitive controls mean users get confidence and familiar with the equipment instantly.


Related products

  • To deliver multi-portion dishes from a centralised kitchen, Multiserv Small Unit can be linked to Servitherm, a trolley for thermally insulated transport.
  • The i-Serv Vision software can be used on a PC to monitor fleet management remotely and for traceability.
  • Many accessories are available: transport appliances, alternatives for extending the work surface, solutions suited to all configurations.

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