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Thermally insulated transport

Distribution of meal trays

Distribution of multi-portion meals




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Elderly Care

The meal distribution solutions that Socamel Technologies have developed for Elderly care are intended to improve living conditions through optimal meal service.

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Distribution of meal trays
Distribution of multi-portion meals
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Ergoserv - Distribution of meal trays



Designed for transporting and distributing meal trays, the Ergoserv V4 tray trolley links up the kitchen and the different units served.
In the pantry area, it connects up to the Double Flow V4 docking station, maintaining temperature and rethermalizing food in hot line, cook-chill or cook-freeze.


The Ergoserv V4 tray trolley makes users lives easier at each distribution stage :

Performance and reliability

  • As it has no sensitive technology, the tray trolley can be transported by truck and taken to sites with large-scale logistics.
  • Being thermally insulated, it can withstand up to 2 hours’ transport.
  • The internal surfaces of the tank guarantee a seal between hot and cold compartments.
  • Rotomolded bumpers and top corners, non-marking, protect both the tray trolley from bumps during transport and premises’ walls.


  • Designed to avoid all water retention, the Ergoserv V4 tray trolley withstands all washing techniques.
  • All components can be removed without tools.

The 3-model, 10 capacity Ergoserv V4 range

  • Mini: 16 Gastronorm 530x325 mm trays
  • Junior: 19 to 24 Gastronorm 530x325 mm or Comfort 530x370 mm trays or even 36 Optimum 530x260 mm trays
  • Senior: 25 to 30 Gastronorm 530x325 mm or Comfort 530x370 mm trays 


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  • The Double Flow V4 tray rethermalization docking station.
  • The extended traceability system to monitor temperatures throughout the entire meal distribution process.

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