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Thermally insulated transport

Distribution of meal trays

Distribution of multi-portion meals




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of multi-portion meals

Socamel Technologies trolleys are suitable for all situations and eventualities. For catering service in the dining room of a retirement home, rethermalization of multiple portions in school canteens or distribution of multi-portion meals in a prison environment.

Thermally insulated transport
Distribution of meal trays
Distribution of multi-portion meals
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Ergochef - Distribution of multi-portion meals



An innovative concept for distributing multiportion meals: there's only one trolley like this!
An agile, non-bulky and space-saving solution to ensure cutting-edge meal storage capacity.
The Ergochef has been specially designed to meet the needs of care homes, schools and prisons alike.

The range
The new trolley comes in two versions:

  • an self-contained version with embedded technology to ensure temperature holding in hot meal preparation;
  • and a detachable version which can be attached to a unit in cold meal preparation for retherming.

Use in care homes 

  • Ergochef is ideal for use in canteens or in rooms in long-term care homes.
  • It can be used to serve hot breakfasts, lunches and dinners and can hold up to 50 full meals (adult portions).
  • Ergochef allows you to prolong temperature holding thanks to its hotplate and cooling shelf functions (optional).
  • Thanks to its customised work surface, it ensures maximum ergonomics.
  • SOCAMEL TECHNOLOGIES has also thought about the logistic constraints of transporting meals by lorry, and its detachable version will ensure transportation without risk of deterioration of the contents, and without breaching HACCP rules.
  • Ergochef is the first multiportion trolley with (fully) detachable technology available on the market!

Use in prisons

  • Its reduced bulkiness means it can also be used in the narrowest of prison corridors, providing a forward service.

Use in school canteens

  • What's more, Ergochef is a revolutionary solution for school canteens. Because it allows for both hot and cold food preparation in central kitchens, it removes the need for your agents to use excessive equipment (crates/ovens/refrigerators/tables or serving hatches).
  • This meal distribution solution (around 80 full meals-child portions) can provide a real talking point thanks to the customisation option.

HACCP compliance

  • Ergochef is quick and easy to clean.
  • Every area of the trolley is accessible and will not retain water.



  • Ergochef trolleys can be customised on request.

Produits associés

  • To deliver multiportions meals from a central kitchen, the Ergochef trolley can be used with Servitherm, a trolley for isothermic transportation.

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