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Thermally insulated transport

Distribution of meal trays

Distribution of multi-portion meals




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of meal trays

Having invented the idea of a separate technical docking station and tray trolley with no built-in technology, Socamel Technologies have optimised room service of meal trays in healthcare establishments. Ergonomic, safe and efficient, they enable controlled distribution, whether hot, cold or frozen.

Thermally insulated transport
Distribution of meal trays
Distribution of multi-portion meals
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Compactserv / Insert - Distribution of meal trays



After designing the COMPACTSERV embedded-technology trolley for meal-tray distribution a few years ago, SOCAMEL Technologies is pleased to offer a new detachable-technology version, allowing easy transportation by lorry and eliminating space constraints.

The concept: a dual-module Compactserv trolley 

Compactserv for Insert: designed to be stationary, it has integrated technology to retherm and hold the temperature of your meals.

Insert for Compactserv: a mobile unit equipped with a central wall and racks for meal distribution.



The retherm or temperature holding cycle will only start when the Insert is attached to a Compactserv (security system). Once the cycle has finished, the Insert, which is mobile and self-contained thanks to its integrated (non-Dolly) wheel system, can be removed from the Compactserv and be used to distribute meals on trays.

Flexible and space-saving

A Compactserv can accommodate several Inserts in rotation. 


Compact and light

A non-bulky solution which offers maximum manoeuverability, it optimises your service space and facilitates patient service carried out by your agents.

When it comes to preparing meals in the central kitchen and transporting by lorry, the Insert is the ideal solution to save weight, space and reduce the risk of Compactserv deterioration.

The Compactserv /Insert range

  • Junior : 22 trays.
  • Senior : 30 trays.



line of trays and tableware with either a white or patterned design means you can offer your patients a hotel-quality service. 

Insert for Compactserv can be equipped with:

an identification solution to assign trolleys to specific services;

Associated products

  • To view the traceability information on a supervision PC, the user can purchase the i-Serv Visionsoftware.
  • For the monitoring of temperatures, alarms, defects and remote programming real time traceability can be implemented.
  • For temperature monitoring throughout the meal distribution process, the Compactserv 2 trolleys can be fitted with extended traceability.

SOCAMEL TECHNOLOGIES - BP 7 - 38148 RIVES Cedex - FRANCE - Tél : +33 (0)4 76 91 21 21 - Fax : +33 (0)4 76 91 21 31 - E-mail : socamel@socamel.comSocamel est une société du Groupe Guillin