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Thermally insulated transport

Distribution of meal trays

Distribution of multi-portion meals




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of meal trays

Having invented the idea of a separate technical docking station and tray trolley with no built-in technology, Socamel Technologies have optimised room service of meal trays in healthcare establishments. Ergonomic, safe and efficient, they enable controlled distribution, whether hot, cold or frozen.

Thermally insulated transport
Distribution of meal trays
Distribution of multi-portion meals
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Compactserv - Distribution of meal trays



Compactserv is a trolley with onboard technology which maintains temperature or rethermalizes individual meal trays.
It is aimed at self-contained institutions with limited transport logistics.

Version 1.2 is the result of an industrial process that has taken customer feedback, technical innovation and design into account. It provides proven value for money in terms of both quality and performance.


  • Compactserv is fitted with forced, directed thermoconvection technology which allows for varied menus and for the taste and smell of the ingredients to be recovered, for example.
  • It maintains temperature and rethermalizes independently and automatically at the service time set.
  • The latest-generation, high-insulation middle wall - exclusive to Socamel - separate cold and hot preparations.



  • Ultra compact, Compactserv can be handled effortlessly thanks to its 6 wheels, central braking and variable-height handles.
  • A display indicates the hot and cold sides, avoiding any mistakes.
  • The i-Serv Technology control panel displays essential information.



Compactserv is fitted with traceability and diagnostic tools as standard (i-Serv Technology) which provide information at each stage of distributing the meals and meet the requirements of health department.


HACCP compliance

Designed to avoid any water retention, the Compactserv trolley is easy to clean.


La gamme Compactserv :

  • Mini: from 12 to 16 trays
  • Junior:  from 20 to 24 trays
  • Senior: from 26 to 30 trays




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  • The user can view traceability information on a monitoring PC by adding the i-Serv Vision software.
  • To monitor temperatures, warnings, faults and remote programming, a real-time traceability system can be set up.
  • To monitor temperatures throughout the meal distribution process, Compactserv trolleys can be fitted with extended traceability.

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